Microsoft Office Excel Exercises for Everyone by Mark Gillan

Microsoft Office Excel Exercises for Everyone differs to other books. The author is a college lecturer and a Microsoft Certified Trainer with years of experience teaching. The book, Microsoft Office Excel Exercises is designed as practice spreadsheet exercises for learners within offices, industry, home and educational facilities. Learn with help from Excel Exercises and Free Video Training. Microsoft Office Excel Exercises offers something for everyone.

Microsoft Excel Exercises


book includes Video Training on CD


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  • Formatting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Workbook Control
  • Printing
  • Functions: Date, Look up, Financial, Database, Logical, Text, Numerical
  • Charts
  • Named Ranges
  • Data Validation
  • Graphical Content
  • Comments
  • Filtering
  • Sorting
  • Advanced Data Control
  • Extracting
  • Error Correcting
  • Research
  • Links
  • Statistical
  • Relative and Absolute referencing
  • plus much more


Microsoft Office Excel

Help at hand: Microsoft Office Excel Exercises by Mark Gillan provides a unique means of gauging competence and providing training.

Microsoft Office Excel Exercises for HR departments wishing to assess candidates, trainers, teachers, self-learners, distance learning, unemployed seeking knowledge, employees requiring promotion and anyone wishing to learn

Microsoft Office Excel Tip :::

Always hit your ENTER key when finished with a cell. This is not only good practice but helps avoid clicking on cells whilst engaged upon formula editing as it may mean Excel thinks you wish to incorporate the cell into a formula.